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The Mt. Zion Police Department is made up of 11 officers including the Chief, Lieutenant, 2 Sergeants, 1 Detective and 6 Patrolman.  The department also consists of two non-sworn members who field incoming calls and handle lobby walk-ins from 7:00AM until 11:00PM Monday - Friday.  With a violent crime rate of 5.4 per 1,000 our proactive approach to community based policing is paying off!  

*    Mt. Zion has a crime rate 51% below the national average.

*    Violent crimes in Mt. Zion are 50% lower than the national average

*    In 2015 the Village of Mt. Zion was named as the 13th safest city in Illinois.



The Mission of the Mt. Zion Police Department is to reduce crime, maintain peace and order, preserve the rights of citizens, and protect persons and property all through proactive policing and crime prevention.



Internet Purchase Exchange Safety Site- Internet transactions are often completed between strangers.  The Mt. Zion Police Department encourages those buying or selling items online to make these exchanges in public areas.  To that end, we welcome residents to conduct internet transactions in our lobby during office hours (8:00am-10:30pm Monday - Friday).  When our lobby is closed, the police department parking lot has 24 hour surveillance cameras.

Vacation Checks- The Mt. Zion Police Department will check your home while you are away.  Simply fill out the Vacation Check Request Form below and return it to the police department before you leave.  This will ensure your residence is on our daily extra patrol sheet.  

Fingerprints- The Mt. Zion Police Department provides fingerprint services to any resident needing fingerprints for employment purposes, licensing, ect.  There is a $10.00 fee for this service and residents must provide their own fingerprint card.  Call 217-864-4012 to schedule an appointment. 

Bicycle Registration-  At least 10 to 20 bicycles are recovered by the Mt. Zion Police Department every year.  Most of these bikes are eventually donated to charity as the owners are difficult to locate.  Besides locking your bicycle up, the best thing you can do is register your bike with the Mt. Zion Police Department.  Simply bring the bike to the MZPD during lobby hours.  We will record the serial number and owner information.  You will then be a registration sticker for your bike.  There is no cost or fee for this service and recovered bicycles with MZPD registration stickers are returned to the owner nearly 100% of the time.  

Macon County Emergency Alert and Notification System- The Village of Mt. Zion is an active participant in the Macon County Emergency Alert and Notification System.  To sign up click the icon to the left and follow the instructions.  It's quick, easy, and free.  We use this system to notify our residents of everything from road closures to emergencies.  





Frequently Asked Questions

Is burning of yard waste allowed in Mt. Zion?

Open burning is prohibited in within the village limits.  However, burning of landscape waste is allowed under the following conditions:

  • Between the hours of 9am and sunset
  • There is sufficient air movement to dissipate smoke, but not when winds are of a high velocity.
  • Landscape waste must be dry enough to allow an open flame.
  • Landscape waste must be burned on the property it was generated.
  • When burning or smoke does not create a hazard, annoyance, or discomfort to neighbors.
  • Burning must be constantly attended by a competent and responsible person.
  • When burning does not create a hazard or obstruct visibility on sidewalks or roadways.
  • Crop residue must be burned more than 1000 feet from residential or populated areas.

For further questions please contact the Mt. Zion Police Department at (217)864 4012 and speak with one of our officers, or refer to Chapter  98: Open Burning in the Code of Ordinances.

Is it a violatioin to park a boat or other trailer in front of my house?

When trailers and RVs are parked in the street it is often a safety hazard.  Trailers parked on the street can obstruct a lane or cause visibility problems.  It is a violation of Village Ordinance 70.12 to park a "watercraft, recreational vehicle, or trailer" on any public street for over 24 hours. 

What can I do about raccoons or opossums that have become a nuisance on my property?

The Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) recommends hiring a licensed trapper to remove nuisance wildlife from their property.  Property owners who wish to remove the animal themselves should contact the IDNR to see if they qualify for a Nusinance Animal Removal Permit.  The Village of Mt. Zion does not employ a licensed trapper.  http://web.extension.illinois.edu/wildlife/files/controlling_nuisance_mammals.pdf

Contact Info

Adam Skundberg
Police Chief
410 West Main Street
(217) 864-4012


Mt. Zion Police Department
410 W. Main Street
Mount Zion, Illinois 62549
(217) 864-4012