Geographic Information System (GIS)

A Geographic Information System (or GIS) is one of the most valuable tools for a municipality.  Our GIS system allows us to monitor, track, plan, and develop the many different services we provide, including: Capital Planning, MS4 tracking, Planning and Zoning, Economic Development, Sanitary Sewer Infrastructure, Water Infrastructure, and much more.  With this powerful system, the staff at the Village of Mt. Zion can make better decisions, faster.  With the help of MSA Professional Services, the Village of Mt. Zion is better suited to compile, maintain, and analyze data on a mappable asset.  This information will not only be beneficial for current employees, but future ones as well.  As we continue to build and develop our GIS asset, we will make it available to our community.  See the links below for a few examples!

Contact Info

Corey McKenzie
Village Treasurer
1400 Mt. Zion Parkway