Parks & Recreation Commission

The Parks and Recreation Commission initiates studies, issue reports, hear public comments and advise the Village Board and appointment officials on matters related to park planning and development, park management and recreational programs in in the Village. The Parks and Recreation Commission consists of seven members appointed to four year terms by the Mayor and confirmed by the Village Board.  

Relevant Documents

Group Members

Kent Hadden

Bob Swartz

Carole Jacoby

Marianne Stenger

Melissa Hahn

Cayla Hittmeier

Wendy Kernan

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the Parks & Recreation Commisson meet?

The Mt. Zion Parks & Recreation Commisson meets the 4th Tuesday of every other month: January, March, May, July, September, and November at Village Hall at 5:15 pm.

How are the fundraising efforts going for the splash pad at Fletcher Park?

The P&R commission has been fundraisng for the past few years for a $300,000 splash pad to be installed at Flethcer Park.  The group has had the annual Valentine/Dueling Piano Event, worked concessions for the movies in Flethcher Park and other fundraisers.  At this date funds have been raised to have the engineering done for the project with the next step being soliciting Corporate donations and appling for a state grant for the project.  Thank you for your contributions and remember we have a long way to go to fund the project.